Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 79... The Watchmen.

Well this week has been a pretty okay week. We have our disappointments and we have our success. Missionary life. I love it. We have a 15 yr old boy part member that we are teaching. He is great. He has a great desire to learn. We taught him on Saturday and he wants to come to church, however he never showed up. The problem is his family is inactive gid!! (gid= Really in ilongo) So we will be focusing more on the father as well as working with the ward so that we can get more progress.

This week a principle I learned was the importance of watchmen. Back in the day when people would base out somewhere in a village or something they would erect a tower. At the top of this tower was a man. Not just any man however. This man had the protection of the village under his responsibility. This man needed to understand his purpose and the importance of what he was doing. This man needed to do all he could to fulfill his purpose. He needed to be aware at all times the area he was to watch. If he didn't the village suffered. So, just as they had watchmen, we have prophets, apostles, and even missionaries sending out a voice of warning. Every 6 months we get to hear the warnings of the watchmen and we need pay strict heed to their warnings. The hymn "Come and Listen to a Prophets Voice" comes to mind. I know that President Monson and the 12 have been called of God to witness unto the warnings and to guide his children back to him. I know that their instruction will never lead us astray. I love you all and hope you might "listen to a prophets voice."

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

***Finally! Some new pictures!***

50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration

Pioquinto Family in Kabankalan

New Area... Downtown Bacolod City.

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