Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 78... Fathers.

Well this week has been good. We have found some great investigators and will be looking forward to 3-5 baptisms this upcoming month. We are working hard. We are learning a lot. I have a message of simplicity today. It's about our fathers. Our first one. Our Heavenly Father. He knows us so much. He loves us so much. He knows you better than you know yourself. He has a plan for all of us. He knew that we could only go so far without the plan. He had to sacrifice his eldest son and he had to separate himself from us. All so that we could become like him and have all the Father hath. He loves us so much.

I know a man who told me a story of a dream he had. ... His father was getting sick. Brain cancer. Slowly, but surely he passed. Shortly after my friend had a dream. He and his father were standing on a table and they were surrounded by a multitude, and there was a building with people waching. Well, at this time his father kept getting more and more weak. His father was being taken by he crowd. My friend did all he could to keep his father. When he had no strength left, everything stopped and the place was like space black. He heard a voice ask; "Do you love your father?? " He replied; "yes of course!" He heard the voice again saying; " Would you do anything for your father?" He replied; "Yes anything at all!'' The voice asked again; " Do you really love your father that much?" He said; ''Yes, with all my heart!" The voice replied; "Then you only understand a tiny bit of how much I love you!" This is true and I hope that we all will remember that our fathers may not show their love like a mother but they do love us more than we understand. I love you all and Happy Fathers day to all of you!!!

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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