Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 75... New Area.

Well a new transfer has begun they seem to keep goin faster and faster. We are working hard on the new area. We just whitewashed 4 of us. (all 4 in a new area) I'm the only american in the house. I get to practice my tagalog now. The ward is great. There is a canadian couple that work in a call center here. It's a way cool area. Right in downtown Bacolod haha. Lots of people. We can walk the area in like 30 minutes, so pretty small haha, but there's tons of people. I am still a zone leader in Bacolod Central now. I'm loving the new area and experiences. I experienced a lot in my last area and as I've come into this next area I see how it's prepared me. I know that the Lord prepares us for everything we encounter whether it be good or bad, we will be able to face it if we are faithful to His commandments. I can't wait to see what we can do here. We are working mostly with part member families and referrals. Also strengthening the ward itself. It's got a lot of struggles right now and they just released the last bishop so hopefully we can get a bishop thats ready to go to work!! I love the work and I love ya all! Take care and keep the faith!!!
-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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