Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 70...A Prayer of Faith.

Well this week has been a great week. Today especially brought some great news to my ears. My Dad was ordained a high priest. Some of you may think hell has frozen over, to quote the words of Dad. But I've learned big time in my life that what we've done in the past makes no difference. It's what we do with our future. We all have a journey to take. We all have something to do here. There is a poem I love called the peaks of valour.

These are the peaks of valour
Keeping clean your father's name
too brave for petty profit
to risk the brand of shame
adventuring for the FUTURE
yet mindful of the past
for God for country for home
still valorous at last....

The point is we learn from our past and continue forward in faith. Seeing forward the road that we must take. Kneeling down each night and seeing where the Lord wants us to be. What he expects us to do and how we are supposed to get there. My message today is simple and short. A prayer of faith is priceless and can help us all continue down the road to perfection. We are all on this journal of trial. And it is just through that, that we learn what we must do. Im grateful for the restored gospel and the restored priesthood authority. I pray that we will all continue to see forward and learn and know what we need to do. I love you all and pray that we will all see forth with an eye of faith.

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

Also... Elder Jensen got an eye infection and we had to go to Bacolod and just kinda let his eye heal up. So yeah. But that's ok. We will be having a baptism this Saturday for this lil old lady named Santiaga. Shes like 70 doesn't remember anything but just wants to follow the truth. Her faith is stronger than anyones I've ever seen. We told her to follow the word of wisdom and immediately she said ok I'll keep that commandment. It's way cool. I'm stoked for her. We have been trying to keep Bishop strong as they have had a tough week here. Yesterday we had the funeral for his daughter. We had an area 70 there from Binalbagan. There were tons of people. I actually cried during a slide show of her life. Funerals suck. So yeah. But Elder Jensen and I are doing great we will be working hard this week trying to find those that have been prepared. I'm lovin the work more than ever just trying to do my best. As of late I'm really working on my Christ-like attributes I can be a bit prideful sometimes and I really don't like it so I'm goin through a changing process it may be slow but I'm striving for it.

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