Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 69... Rest in Peace.

Well this week was a bit of a disappointing week. We've really been trying to find new people and trying to help them with everything. Well almost all the people we had made schedules with either didn't show up or just hid from us. Elder Jensen and I did a lot of walking. We actually were out walking in the mountains for about 2-3 hours looking for some inactive members. It was way fun. Just walking. We have a lot of fun. Usually here in the Philippines we pay for a ride on a tricycle. Just a normal thing. Well if we think about the commandment not to work and not to make others work {on the sabbath}. Technically were not supposed to do that. So Elder Jensen and I just walk everywhere. Even not on Sundays haha. It's a lot of fun. We probably walk within a day 10-15 kilometers. Way nice. My pants are all too big now. So that was a bit disappointing not able to teach the people we wanted to but its just part of the work so we will just continue on in patience.

Another bit of bad news was our bishop's daughter passed away from an aneurysm. She was only 7 years old. Way sad. But I keep thinking how grateful I am to know the plan of salvation. To understand the atonement of Christ. To know that Keiza will have a first class ticket to the celestial kingdom. She was a great spirit. She was planning this Sunday to pay her tithing. She had achieved the level of spirituality needed that she no longer needed to be tested but was ready to return to our Father in Heaven. I hope one day I can achieve that level of spirituality. That I will be able to go back to my Father in Heaven. I hope that we all will continue to follow the commandment given "be ye therefore perfect" I know that heavenly father has a plan and that we are all here for a reason and a purpose. I know that the priesthood has been restored.

Last night I had an opportunity to exercise my priesthood authority given of God. I saw a man with a burden on his shoulders and I saw the pain in his face. I saw the distress and sadness in his eyes. I offered him a blessing. I laid my hands on Bishop Edral's head and gave him a blessing of comfort. The spirit was strong. When we finished he gave me a hug and cried. I saw all of that burden and pain eased. Only through the power of the priesthood can miracles like these happen. I'm so grateful for it and am so grateful for the experiences I've had exercising my priesthood. I love this work and pray for you all. I pray for the Edral family and mourn for the loss of their Daughter. May the Lord bless them and you in our afflictions and trials.

P.S. The picture is the Edral family. Keiza is the one on the bottom right.
-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

...Also, turns out I get to stay with Elder Jensen and also I'm now a zone leader which is interesting haha. I don't really care about the zone leader thing, I'm just happy I get to stay here another transfer with Elder Jensen. We have a great companionship and we are looking to continue on the work here. We are doing great. I love this place! Yesterday we had a interesting little journey we ended up walking through the mountains from about 2:30 to about 5:00. looking for some members. It was a fun adventure. I sent some pictures too!

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