Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 71... No official blog post.

Here is a little excerpt from Elder Heaton's email to dad.

I love it here way worth every minute. Not even a sacrifice. Bishop has been doing pretty good. He stays pretty busy this week so were gonna continue stopping by his house to keep him some company and stuff. We just got to watch the 50th anniversary celabration of missionary work in the Philippines. It was soo good. The funny thing is they don't say much about the work while grandpa was there. I guess it's cause not much really happened. But it was cool for me cause I knew almost all of it haha. So I'm way glad that i got to be here during this time its a wonderful celebration and I'm grateful for the blessing of this mission. The Lord knew I needed to go here. Not only a blessing for me but for grandpa as well. I'm loving the work just trying to be the best I can everyday. Finding and strengthening weaknesses. 

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