Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 66... Baptisms!

Hello everyone!
Elder Jensen and I are doing great here in Kabankalan. We have had a great time here in Kabankalan. I fear my time is running short here for I've been here quite some time. So I better enjoy it haha. But yeah the work is going well we are trying to find just part members teaching people that have had contact with the missionaries. This week we will be focusing as well a bit more on just talking to people we will see on the road each day. We are running low on investigators as of now so hopefully we will find some new ones the next couple days.

This Saturday we have a baptism! One a part member young women. 13. Her grandma referred us to her. Although her parents aren't members they are giving permission for her to be baptized. She's a smart girl but super super shy. It has been fun teaching her. The other is a girl not even from Kabankalan but a neighboring town. She was first taught there. But has for the last 2 months been working at a members house as a maid. So she's got a way good support system there. She's had a tough time getting baptized. She's been taught since November. She was supposed to be baptized in December but her father wouldn't give permission. She has come a long ways since. Lots of trials with her family have come but she has continued through all of them. So she will be baptized this Saturday. I'm way stoked for them. So this is a great week in Kabankalan coming up. We just need to find someone to replace them for investigators. They are all around ready to be spoken to and ready to receive the message of the the Restoration.

This is the gospel in which brings true happiness to the people of the world. I'm glad I have the opportunity to serve and be here. Pray for our continued success and for strength to be with us. "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing" I love you all and hope your doing well!

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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