Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 56... Doing Great!

***there was no official blog post this week, but here are a few little snippets from his letters to mom and dad***

...I'm working hard trying as best I can ... but I'm not excited to come home!  It's weird to think that in a year I'll be going to school or whatever. It kinda scares me actually. But anyways things here are great just working hard doing the best I can to be the missionary the Lord expects me to be. so yeah. I'm loving the work more and more. Bishop is great, way diligent. I'll be getting a cell phone within the next 2 weeks so that will make the work way nice cause I'll be able to coordinate with the members and stuff. so yeah...

...I'm way good the ward is amazing I'm working on pics, so don't worry! Bishop here is amazing. I'm way excited for this next transfer. Bishop is really working hard at helping us out. I'm just trying to help him in all that he does. I'm afraid to say that I'm getting fat here haha. The people are always feeding us. haha. so yeah. It's way good here. I love it so much, probably my favorite area! I love it...

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