Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 54... Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas was awesome this year it was great to hear all your voices!... Christmas was way good. I've learned that Christmas doesn't need presents to really be Christmas. So yeah. It's about the traditions the family and the fun. The small joys in life. So yeah. Christmas here was fun. Kinda sad to be over, but excited to really get back to work. Kinda had a bit of a vacation haha. The members here are amazing. I've never felt more at home. The Pioquinto family really helped me feel at home. Even though I am new to the area they are taking good care of me! So yeah. Elder Pilling {companion} and I threw together a nice little Christmas for our filipino elders here. I gave each of them a tie and a ctr ring. Elder gave them some candy and stuff. So they had a good morning they all wore the tie they got that day way cool! Giving is way better than receiving. Anyways you all sounded great!!! You sound like your doing great!!! and hope you continue to get better!!! I love you!

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