Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 43... Trials.

Well this morning has brought a bit of bad news. Nanay (Mom) has suffered a brain tumor. I received a call into the office wondering what on earth? Why am I here? But after a short phone call with President I knew exactly why. I waited anxiously for the call from dad. When I picked up the phone it sounded the like the father of mine giving me words of comfort and informing me of the situation. Having a struggle to even speak, listening to the warm sweet spirited mother of mine, even after brain surgery and loving kind words from my family.  I felt as if I was emotionally drained. 

After hanging up the phone I broke down in a prayer and I received the confirmation that mom will be okay. The Lord has heard our prayers and through his power "she shall be made whole" just as is says in Luke 8:50. It is a hard thing. I never never imagined that something like this would happen here on my mission. It's a real shocker. i feel like I just got hit by a ton a train. But there's one thing that makes this not so hard, and that's the atonement of Christ. Every single pain and sickness and sadness, every tear we have shed was and is understood by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has given us this trial, or "intrusion," and maybe even stumbling blocks so that we can grow and learn a wonderful lesson. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without the gospel. With the loss of grandpa, and what has happened to nanay, we wouldnt understand, but because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we understand why we have trials and all of these things happen to us. But it depends upon us as to what we do, how we react and what road we travel down when the trial comes. Satans attacks will be stronger than ever upon us. He knows we are vulnerable and insecure. It is here and now that we must stand and lift. Be taller and stronger with a "steadfastness in Christ," nothing unwavering. 

The priesthood of God is real. It has been restored to us through the prophet Joseph Smith, and no thing or being can destroy it, except a lack of faith. Christ himself in the city of Capernaum could not heal one person because of the lack of faith. For there was none there. Our family and friends around the world have united in a spirit of prayer and fasting. The spirit has given me the comfort that I need. It has allowed me to know that everything will be ok, and I know it will. 

Mom I love you so much, and am so grateful for all I have. I'm grateful that unlike Elder Holland, I can tell you that now and not have to wait. Dad our AP, Elder Theobald told me how impressed he was when he talked with you. He said "it was amazing to see the example of a true patriarch to the family," "He truly is a good man." I'm so grateful for you and all you do for me. Whenever I've needed anything, you were there, and never have you left me. Thank you mom and dad Palagga ta kamo! I want to leave my post this week with a story of the true love of Christ. 

Christ has promised us that he will never leave us. But, at the last day, a man faced Christ, and Christ showed him 2 sets of footsteps on a beach walking through the sand. Every once in a while there was only one set. The man said to Christ, "you promised you would never leave!" Christ replied with, " my son I have never left you, the times where there were only one set of footsteps are the times that I carried you!!" 

That brothers and sisters is the true love of Christ. He is our light and our salvation, whom shall we fear? He is the strength of our life, of whom shall we be afraid? When the wicked, even our enemies and our foes come upon us to eat up our flesh they will stumble and fall. Though an host should encamp against us, though wars may rise against us, 
in this we shall be confident! 

I just want to take the time to thank everyone who has participated in fasting and or prayer for my mother. Your faith has brought her through a tough time. The Lord has heard your prayers. And I am so very grateful for all of your concern and Love! Thank you! 

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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