Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 32...Staying Put... Again!

Well it's now week 6 and another transfer notched in the belt. It's crazy how fast it has gone. Haha. Binalbagan is great! I'm just always trying to do what I can to improve it. Gotta work on the ward mission process. It's a li'l slow. So once that gets going the work will really progress here.

The language is way good. I can now understand almost everything and have no troubles. Every once in a while I get caught up on a sentence or word but I get through it just fine. There's a lot of confusing things and a lot of simple things. Confusing: bugtaw-wake up, bugnaw-cold(things), tugnaw-cold(people), tugmaw- immerse. haha. And simple awtoridad-authority. So lots of ways to say things lots of words that sound similar and lots of different conjugations that make things different. So that's the language update.

The other thing that's been interesting is the food. I've eaten: bamboo, like as a meal on rice, chicken feet, balut, sugar cane, liver, fish paste-which is basically dog food haha. I realized that dog food is totally safe for humans its just mushed up meat haha. Lots of experiences and lots of people. Lots of things to do each day. But only 24 hours to do it. And I'm runnin short on time. So this week is just kinda an update of some of the interesting things that I've been thinking about. haha.

But hope you are all doing all you dream to do and hope your all the best!! I love you all! The church really is true!! And prayers are answered. Quick story. So I've been praying for the ward to grow and improve, well yesterday a member of the high council came and spoke to the ward about the mission process!! Prayer answered!!! I love this work it's the best thing on earth!!

Palangga takamo!!

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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