Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 31...All is Well!

Well another week gone by many more journal entries written, new experiences every day, new people, new things learned, livin the dream. Elder McGavin told me a few months ago that we will never serve a 2 year mission again. We will only serve a 18 month mission from now on and then a 12 and a 6 and then before you know it your home again. I realize daily how short time is. There was a man in Korea in the 50s. Dr. Kim ho Jik. He was only a member for 8 years before he died. But while he was a member his impact was so incredible upon the church he will never be forgotten. While there are many that have been called and many forgotten the work is still the same. With only so little time to do it. 

Next month i turn 20 in physical body and 6 months as a missionary in the field. It's crazy how fast time flies by when you are doing what the Lord wants you to do. Although the routine is pretty much the same everyday the things that we do in a day could impact not only my life or my companions life, but the lives of thousands. Think about it. Baptize a family. With 4 sons. The 4 sons go on missions and do the same thing. Because of 4 baptisms. The number doubles. And it continues on. Everything we do everyday is recorded in the heavens. God knows all. It's up to us to choose where we stand. Do we stand with Christ as we did in the preexisence? Or do we succumb to the cunningness and power of the devil? Everything we do has an eternal impact. 
As a missionary I only have 2 years now only 17 months to do everything I can to invite others to come unto Christ. This transfer has been a little slow in the numbers we just baptized all of our investigators haha. So now we are just looking for new ones. All of the investigators we have now have dates to be baptized as well. Bro. Leslie in the mtc emphasized the need to bring others unto Christ as fast as we can. Of course we do it as fast as we can but also within the Lord's time. For example, Bro Bbol. What great potential. Awesome investigator who knows it's all true believes and knows. But for some reason wont come to church. There's somthing that's still holding him back. 

Well the field is white already to harvest but we just haven't got to that section of the field yet. I know Bbol will accept the gospel but not now. It may be in a year it may be in 20. Not sure when we will get to that section of the field, but we will get there. We need to focus on the ones that are ready to be harvested now. In Joel I think not exactly sure. It talks about "multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision." Every one is one decision from coming unto Christ or not. It's up to us to invite him to make that decision. 

This really is a marvelous work and a wonder. Nothing more important other than families. I love this work so much I only want to do my best I pray every night that the Lord will bless me to be the missionary he expects me to be and to do exactly what he would have me do. And when trials come, persecution, rejection or anything else come along I know that I stand with Christ in the war that begun in the beginning, in the premortal life. He leads this church and this works. If it is not done in his way it does not get done! I pray that we will all do all we can to be the servants that our Lord and Savior would have us be. I love you all and know that Christ loves us, for it is love that carried Christ into the garden of Gethsemane. I hope you all are doing well and continue with the faith. I love you all and will talk to you next week!!
-Elder Heaton

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