Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 28... The Lord's Work.

Well a new transfer has begun and the adventures continue to be new!  The Lord is pouring out his blessings upon his children and the angels are singing aloud!  We have baptized 5 people this week. Sister Estrellita Luna and the Puentespina Family! 

Partaking of the salvation of a human soul, I could not hold back the smile! The prophet Lehi said "the most sweet fruit." Not just a pretty good one or a regular one. It is the MOST sweet. I know what he meant. Pulling them up out of the water and seeing the light come into their eyes. Seeing their old selves left in the water and coming out anew. How sweet it truly was. And after they were confirmed seeing the light of the Holy Ghost within them. It only adds to my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. The power of the atonement of Christ and what joy it can bring us all. After they were baptized they stood in front of us and bore testimony. They all cried, except the kids, I felt the spirit way strong and know that it's the true work of the Lord.

 Adam is entering the MTC and my cousin Taylor soon after!  What an honor to carry the name of Christ over our hearts to stand and declare salvation to the people of this world. To stand with Christ in the war for truth. " Onward christian soldiers marching as to war!" I am so happy the Lord has given me this calling and has supported me every minute of the way. I feel his blessings being poured out upon me. Those trials and experiences I've had with the language have leaped me forward into a whole new level of understanding. And I know that it is that Lord that has done it for me. "yea I am nothing I do not boast of myself but I boast of my God" he has lifted me when I was weak and has stood by me! I am so greatful for it! 

I love my Father in Heaven and I love my Savior! Without whom I would not be here. I love you all and hope that you all can participate in the salvation of a human soul whether it be by teaching primary or going on a mission there is no difference. Its ALL the LORDS work! Not ours! We have just been given the opportunity to participate! I love you all and will chat with you soon!! 

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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