Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 29...Plan of Salvation.

Well this week has brought a bit of bad news not only for my family but also for the Barton family as well. As well as the McGavin family a few months back. Sophie and my newlyborn baby niece have passed away. I cannot believe that they have gone just like that. Especially Sophie. I would always see her at school doing her thing being happier than ever. Its just hard to describe the feelings of losing a loved one. Although I'm not related to Sophie or even got to meet Mandalynn or even see my sisters belly, it is sad to know that we have lost two beautiful daughters of God and our loved ones. But I know that that sadness is only temporary. 

Our Heavenly Father has given us this wonderful plan and a wonderful opportunity to be here on this earth. So that we also can share his joy and prove ourselves worthy to live with him! In the preexistence we all knew what would happen to us. We all knew the plan. Everything we know now about the gospel we knew in the premortal life. The only difference now is we have a body and have to learn of it all over again. Sophie's time is done here on earth she has all the experience she needs. Mandalynn as well. Their souls are so precious that the Lord has allowed them to move on. Which leaves us heartbroken and saddened, but because we know that the Lord has a plan we can have hope. Hope that we will see them again. Hope that all of our sadness and broken hearts will be mended. That the joy that awaits us in the next life is so great that we need not to be heartbroken and trodden down. I pray that we will all remember that the Lord loves and cares for each one of his children. 

There is a plan for each and every one of us. Death is part of that plan. We have already accepted it in the premortal life. And I know that the Lord has provided us a way to break the bands of death and live with our Heavenly Father again. That is the Atonement and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Just like him we will all return to our body again. But it wont be a body with scars or flaws it will be a perfect body. And then depending upon our worthiness we will be able to live with our loving Heavenly Father and with our loved ones again. Through the Sealing powers of the Temple. My mother said that her temple experience prepared her for this last week. The temple is not just a place for church ordinances it is our bridge to heaven. A place that we can go to leave all of our troubles and cares and feel the peace and presence of the Lord! 

The Lord said to Joseph Smith that his experiences will "be but a small moment" and "shall give thee experience" This is the Plan of Salvation. To recieve these experiences. To feel sorrow so that we can feel joy! I pray that the Barton family will remain strong that they will remember that they WILL see Sophie again!! And to my family I pray that we will also remember that we will also see Mandalynn again! Death cannot break us apart. Death is "but a small moment" and will happen to us all. But it up to us to do all we can to be worthy to see our loved ones again! I know that if we trust in the Lord and do all we can to be his righteous servants, we will live with him again and we will live with our loved ones again. There will be no death there will be no sorrow. Only the joy and happiness of eternity! I love this work and this plan that the Lord has prepared for us! May we all remember it always. I know the Lord loves us all and has a plan for us all! 
-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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