Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 17...Adjusted.

Hey everyone! Well the first real week is over and everything is awesome. I love every second of it! My comp and I get along great! He's way cool, it just takes some getting used to a new area comp and everything but everything is way good here! 

Heard Elder DeYoung came home. Hope his mission was everything and more than he wanted! I'm proud of him! 

So, my baptism was on the last day in my last area haha so yeah. Her name is Jackie Nolido she had been taught before. Her husband is a member and that's pretty much why she wanted to be baptized but shes got a strong testimony which is good! 

I am coming along with the language the other night we were teaching and Bro. Lemar asked whats the spirit and he had all these concerns. Well question after question kept coming and I just kept answering them. It was broken ilongo but ilongo nonetheless, and it was just way cool. Especially for Elder Stokes to just sit back and think, man he's only been in the field 7 weeks! haha. Amat amat which means line upon line or slowly but surely, I'll get there. I want to be able to understand almost everything and speak everything by the end of this transfer so it's just hard work and stuff. 

Proud to hear dad took the state champs! If only I were there to beat him!!! haha joke lang. But yeah, this area is way cool and we are just working hard on the area, meeting new people, working with inactives and teaching investigators. Lots of walking so I'm sure to lose a few more pounds this transfer haha. Plus I work out morning and sometimes nights so yeah. Elder Mcgavin seems to be doing good in the somewhat warm weather! and Elder Taufui is just starting his mtc experience! Thats way cool. 

I realized how important conference is and if you have taken it for granted you should repent! Because I have! haha. Elder Uchdorf and Elder Hollands were the best! I was almost in tears just hearing about the Savior's love for us from one of his apostles! It was amazing I took 8 pages of notes for the whole conference and didn't fall asleep once! haha. Take those messages to heart they are for us! I love you all very much and will talk w/ you next week! 
-Elder Heaton

***A Few More Pictures!***

Family Home Evening


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