Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 12... Lovin' it!

Hey Everyone!

Another week gone and not a moment missed! This is the most awesome place ever! Oh yeah btw I got a new email, they upgraded the system so yeah. it's this one. But I'm going to try drop bucket so you all can get the pictures! This is the most beautiful place in the world! There is a beauty to everything. I sent a letter to mom with as much detail as i could think of at the time I have more time to write than to email. But this place is crazy! I see something new everyday. 

My comp and I get along great, we are teaching a lot of people. At least trying to. We work way hard. I do my best to be the best elder I can be. I know its what the Lord expects. And also what I expect of myself. Dad, I tried out that workout book for the first time haha! I like it I'm going to do it everyday from now on. I've already lost some weight here just in almost 3 weeks. Im also changing my diet and doing things different. I've got a shirt custom tailored for like 2 bucks haha. Its way cool! So don't worry about clothes! This is like the coolest place. We got messed up with the schedule this week so I don't exactly have much time today. But I'll share my first fast in the Philippines. 

So we started out on saturday after lunch. We went out and I pushed my self I was walking way fast doing all I could to just work hard. Without water of course so I sweated all day. We got back to the house, I had the worst headache ever. I was hungry and pinikathirsty! I got to bed at 9:30 but didn't sleep til 10. I was way hot. I woke up layed there for a half hour sweating with the fan 10 inches from my face, still sweating. I looked at my watch it was only 1. So I couldn't jus lay there anymore I decided to take a cold shower. I showered and went back to bed wet. Fell asleep woke up headache thirsty etc. We had no electricity, which meant no fans. We went to church no aircon or fans. So I just sweated all morning. We went back home. We had an hour before we had to go back out for splits. We closed the fast and I drank 3 liters of water in an hour. And then 2 more the rest of the day. So that was my first fast in the Philippines! 

Oh yeah I also ate balut which was cool. Definitly not my favorite. But not bad. The language is good. I can almost teach in pure illongo. I want to be fluent by the end of this transfer. I love you all and will chat w/ you next week.

-Elder Heaton

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