Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 11... Cuisine.

Hey Everyone,

Well 10 days in the Philippines its been awesome! I love it here. Yeah it's hot all the time but its gorgeous. The people are way nice way cool. There are some real shacks and also some real big houses too. I'll send pictures next week. But the work is coming along we are working a lot with inactives. The ward is like at 25 percent attendance. So yeah. But we have had like 20 new investigators this week and we are just trying to get the work here going again. I walk all day which is awesome. The food here is awesome. I eat oatmeal for breakfast and rice and corned beef, tuna, or something else thats usually canned for lunch. And dinner its usually some ramen noodles. So not the healthiest but yeah. I get 900 pesos a week for food so thats like 20 bucks haha. You can get quite a bit acctually. I ride a jeepney everyday to my area and one home we have to leave our area at 8:30 othewise were there til 10:30 at night so yeah haha. 

My comp is great we get along way good and have a great time. I am really picking up Illongo I memorize 5-10 words a day and just try to use them. I can bear my testimony pretty well and say everything I need to sort of... haha. It's hard to understand people so hopefully by next week I'll be able to have a conversation at least. haha. My mission pres. is way cool really quiet but he's way nice because my comp was an office elder I got to go to the mission home and have dinner with the mission president and his wife for President's birthday. A bunch of elders from my batch are sick so they are just getting better at the office. 

The food here is awesome. I ate adidas which is chicken feet. They were good haha. There hasn't been anything I don't like yet. Still havent had balut. I'll ask my comp today. But I gotta try it. But yeah everything here is way good I love it. I love you all so much and i miss you all. Also I miss lake powell for some reason but better start making plans to go when I come home now. Otherwise it probably won't happen. haha. JK. Oh yeah my address for mail is in my mission packet its like Galo St. between Lacson and Babini or somthing but look for it. Post it on my blog too. I looked at it last week looking good. haha. But I gotta run love you all.

-Elder Heaton

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