Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 13... BUSY!... Pictures to come! :D

Hoy everyone! 

Gotta be quick this week got work to do but this week has been just as great as last! and I'm working as hard as I can. I actually got to use tagalog again which is way cool. So now I'm somewhat bilingual haha. But we're working with the inactives in our our area so yeah. But the work is coming along. Turns out I didnt get to baptized Sister Jackie but we reset her date. So hopefully it will work out! I can't believe its already a month here its gone by so fast. This is the work of the Lord and there's nothing better sorry I'm short this week ran out of time trying to figure out drop box ahah. I love you all!!! 

-Elder Heaton

***Here are some excerpts from the email he wrote to mom too***

Hey yeah that was kinda dumb by my part with the fast. but ya know sometimes we need to really sacrifice I learned somthing from that so I'm not complaining. We are human and we need to always rely on the Lord so yeah. 

I'm proud of Ryan! tell him I love him! and to work way hard he will be great! 

Yeah I don't know, it feels far away but not too bad. I actually like it keeps me focused on the work. Yeah I still think about home and all that stuff all the time but my desire is to work hard and just do my absolute best. Thats the way I want to live my life. It's so much better that way. 

I love it here mom so many lessons so many things are just amazing. One thing you should try and do...attend conference as a family. One of my roomates said did you ever attend conference (he's filipino) I said no he said why I just said never did. Don't take for granted conference and the opportunity to be in the same room as our living prophet so consider that please. I love you mom you are the best. I love you!!!

-Elder Heaton

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