Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 10... Bacolod.

Hey everyone,
So I've been here for 5 days now! Its so awesome! As soon as I saw what I would be around I fell in love with the place. It absolutely awesome here! I could live here! If I just knew how to speak Illongo! (hiligaynon) So yeah I'm not really gonna speak Tagalog, everyone understands it but They all speak illongo. So im learning a new language all over again. Which is cool. Illongo is cool it has way less rules and sounds pretty sweet. I am working hard at it. 
So we got here and went straight to the Mission home (where president lives) We talked for a bit had some dinner which was Awesome! Yeah fruit in america sucks! The mangos here are soooo good, everything is amazing here. Lots of rice. But it usually gets burned off walking. So after dinner we went to a pension house or hotel for 2 nights we had orientation meetings things like that hungout with the AP's for a bit and saw a bit of Bacolod. On friday we had transfer meeting so i got to see all the Elders that were ahead of me at the mtc which was cool. I got my trainer Elder Eslava! He is Filipino! He is way cool we both are way happy with our companionship. We have been working hard. We all got assigned to our respective areas. I im in Bacolod South which is just south of Bacolod City. I live in Mansilangan but our area is called Paglaum. The area is way cool. Lots of poverty and quite a few wealthy people as well. I love it we are going to work a lot with less actives I guess this area has been struggling. But Elder Eslava and I are working hard. Also Elder Gowey is going to the other Island! Panay! Which is way cool! Weird that I don't see any of them. I live with an elder that was in the district ahead of me. 
So the last two days we have just been trying to meet people. We got whitewashed in which means we both are new to the area. So saturday we just walked and met a lot of people and tried to find members and stuff. On sunday last night we taught 3 lessons. All of which went pretty well. I bore my testimony in Englongalog (english, illongo, tagalog) We commited one sister to be baptized!!! She wants me to do it!! I'm stoked we set it on march 13 I believe. So were going to work with her. But today is Pday and thats pretty much all I have left to report. But I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world! OH yeah my house, we live above a family with no AC which kinda sucks but you just deal with it. The shower sometimes doesn't have water but its all good. So its great here. I wash my garments by hand there is a lady that does wash but we do our garments and shirts. So yeah but I love it here and wouldn't be anywhere else! I love you all so much!!!
-Elder Heaton

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