Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 3... Hoy? What does that mean?

Kamusta po kayo pamilya ko?? Well another year has passed by and its gone by faster than ever! I cant even imagine how fast these next two years are gonna go by! Tagalog is insane! We are about to start cutting off all english in the next week or two so hopefully i can get the hang of it. Im praying for the gift of tongues everynight and i know the lord will help me. 
This week has gone by soooo fast. Seems like just the other day I was sitting at the computer typing you all an email. Our district is awesome! We even color coordinate ties for each day, Brother Molina does it too! Hes a cool dude, we have the same birthday which is wierd. But hes way cool. By the way i need to send all my ties home because the silk will get wet and run all over my white shirts, i need polyester ones. Mom could you hook an elder up?? (make sure i have a good assortment of all colors please) 
Those xocai drinks are amazing!! I was so focused all day. The package you guys sent was awesome my roomates love it. So maybe another package with some more hoops this time would be cool and some sticky tabs so we can put them all over the room. 
So i got a thing in the mail saying we are moving rooms, which sucks because we just got settled in, but we're on the 2nd floor which is nice hahaha. Our teachers told us about the toliet situation in the philippines. Its usually a hole in the ground with ghetto beidet. (bucket of water and your hand) So that will be interesting. No shaking with the left hand. 
I've decided that enlish is the language of liars. We all want to get the truth, but subconsiously we're expecting a lie. When you speak Tagalog you say exactly what you mean, no sarcasm, no jokes. So im excited to keep learning. Also another fact, They dont speak Tagalog in Bacolod, its some other language like Hiligayan or something like that, i still want to be fluent in Tagalog so when i come home ill be like quadralingual! Im stoked. Anyways time is short but i hope your getting all of my letters. 
Mahal ko kami!!! (i love you all)

-Elder Heaton

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