Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 2... Christmas in the MTC...

Hey Everyone,

Everything here at the MTC is awesome, except I got sick saturday night but im starting to feel better now. We had a great Christmas!! During the week we had Elder Neil L. Anderson came on tuesday, Christmas eve we had a musical devotional, Sister (Elizabeth) Smart played the harp, shes really good. That was pretty fun, I sent you the "12 days of christmas"MTC remix haha, that was fun. 

Then on Christmas we had Elder L. Tom Perry come in, that was soo amazing, the second he walked into the room I could feel the spirit so strong, awesome experience. We played bouncy ball bowling all day, (rubber sparkly bouncy balls you sent, that was a hit in the residence hall. Then that night we had another devotional, Greg Olson came to speak he talked about his artwork and Christ it was great. 

This week has flown by a large group is leaving on monday and a new group comes in on wednesday next week. Michael Elliott will most likely be in my zone or district which will be cool. My district is awesome we all such good buddies and get along great. Yesterday, sunday, we had a devotional. Michael I. Heaton spoke. He was amazing, he talked about flaws of missionaries and things which need to be corrected when teaching and such. Taking notes when people talk helps soo much! Ive always took it for granted but now its its such a reward to pay attention. Next conference take notes and you will get so much more out of it.

The days are really slow sometimes but the last week has flown by. Its great to see some guys I knew before here, Elder Jens Ashton, Elder John Madison, Elder Carter Campbell, Elder Lee Salazar, Elder Aylmer Kenny, and some others. Elder Gowey and I are really starting to click when were teaching, its only the first week I cant wait to see what will happen in 8 more weeks. I will need to learn Tagalog first though. Its a little rough but with the lords help I know I can do it. 

Ipananumbalik na totoong simbahan ni JesuCristo. (the restored church of Jesus christ is true) Nagpapasalamat po ako sa pamilya ko at sa ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo. (Im greatful for my family and the gospel of Jesus Christ) Time is short I love you all!

Much love,

-Elder Heaton

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  1. Buddy never ceases to amaze! What an awesome guy!
    We love and are praying for him!