Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 4... Grateful.

Kamusta kayo? Mabuti ako! Seems like yesterday that I was sitting here writing my last letter to you all. The days have just been blending together like crazy. It feels like i wake up go to class all day go to bed and then just as i close my eyes its time to do it all over again. I love it though. That xocai stuff is awesome!! My focus stays up all day long and I feel great keep them coming! 
Elder Elliott and Elder Pack came in on wednesday it was great to see both of them! They looked like they just saw a ghost, im pretty sure i looked the same way! This week was pretty good we are really getting into some intense Tagalog, and i dont remember if i told you last week but Im gonna be learning Tagalog here and then when i get to Bacolod i will most likely have to learn Hiligaynon once i get there. So im excited, i bought a book of mormon in hiligaynon today, there are similarities but its still way different, more of a spanish flair. 
We had a weka task (week task) that really put me down i didnt understand anything and so it sucked but i talked to my teacher and he said that im right on track and that im doing great. I understand everything very well its just recalling and thinking up what i want to say has been the hard part. I practice everynight now with elder baucom just speaking. Im also trying to syl as much as i can ive still got a long ways to go but its coming along. I hope to be able to express what i want to say easily by the time i leave. I know that through faith and trust in the Lord, he will bless me with the things that he needs me to have in order for me to be an effective tool in his hand. 
How is everything at home? Dad you still walking?? When are you going to run? and lift?? Keep me updated. Hows Sariah doing?? I miss that Niest!!!! JK Sariah Love you! The basketball hoops are great my roomates love them. I still have so much candy and stuff just sitting around im gonna have to start giving it away or something. 
We have been talking about the people of the Philippines! They are a wonderful people, they have almost nothing, yet they are happier than we are. Its really putting my life into perspective, I take so much stuff for granted and im not greatful enough for what i have. If i have a native comp he will probly only have one shirt one pant and probly no shoes. Meanwhile i have 14 shirts and 8 slacks and 3 shoes. I have been so blessed with what i have and its going to be very humbling once i get there. None of you will be there but when i come home we will go back so you can get a small taste. I already have such a great love for the people of the Philippines they are amazing. Anyways times short. I love you all so much! Keep the letters coming!

Much Love,
Elder Heaton

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