Monday, December 21, 2009

He's Alive!-Elder Heaton's First Email.

Hey everyone!!!

This first week has been crazy!! The MTC is such a cool place 2300 people in one place with one goal in mind, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. There is a spirit here that is so intense, i love it! 

The language of Tagalog is kinda difficult, i am working hard at it though. I know the lord will help me when I need it most. I can pray and bear testimony in Tagalog and I am working on vocab, this week we are learning to build sentences. 

My companion, Elder Gowey, is from Mesa, AZ (Elder McGavin's comp is from there too wierd huh?) hes a good guy I like him, When we came in they organized us into a new zone and branch. There is only 10 of us, two sisters and 8 elders. I will send pictures later. Sacrament was a little wierd with only 16 people including the branch presidency. We are really becoming good friends, they are all really good people. 

 food here is good, i was a little concerned i would be running to the pot every thirty minutes but were all good here! 3 meals a day as much as i want but one plate is usually plenty, ice cream on sundays and wednesdays. 

My P day is on mondays so sunday and monday are pretty laxed out, i have never been so tired 630 is pretty early, everyone keeps saying after sunday everything gets better so we will see. Preston the showers arent public, they have curtains and stuff, im also pretty sure were in the Sisters old dorms, the only toliet with out a door had the lid removed so its like a urinal. The dorms are nice bunk beds a closet and a desk so its good. I have a bulletin so send some pictures. 

I only get 30 minutes so i gotta keep it kinda short. If you want to write me, PLEASE use dear elder (preston can show you how), i wont have time to read all of your emails so if i can read them before hand i can just type them and save time. And around here Time is Salvation. 

Also care packages can be sent through sister knapp she works here on thursdays, she is in grandpas ward! Small world her number is 801-277-8504 call and drop it off to her on wednesday and she will have it thursday for me. Thanks for everything keep me updated. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! your the best.

Elder Heaton

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