Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 100... An Unsung Hero.

This week has brought a bit of bad news, and another trial to be faced. Another challenge to be met. Herald Grant Heaton Sr, my grandpa, has passed away. It's indescribable. Almost hard to believe. I cannot thank him enough for what he has taught me. He has helped launch me to the point that I am now. He got me going. Because of him, I am here on my mission. 

I speak of a man that learned to live the law of sacrifice. A man that was called as one of the first full time missionaries to mainland China. A man that at age 25 was given the responsibility of the the preaching of the gospel in southern Asia for 5 years. Within that 5 years the things he did for the missionary work and for God's kingdom were enormous. He helped take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every major city in southern Asia. He taught hundreds of people the gospel. He helped many people, myself included, understand the gospel. He lived a legacy of hard work and strong faith. All of these things he did, though known only to a few, will be known to every person who has accepted the gospel from the time that he was here. 

He truly is an unsung hero to the continent of Asia. He was unable to send full time missionaries to the Philippines in 1955-60. From that time hundreds of missionaries have served here. But he didn't send his first one until 2009. I now have the honor and privilege to take the gospel that he preached among the same people here in the 1950's. The tears of joy he expressed when he learned I was assigned here were tears that I now understand. This place is the miracle of Asia. I had the opportunity to be here during the 50th anniversary of missionary work in the Philippines. I never once heard the name Herald Grant Heaton, but I know that the people whose lives he touched remembered him. 

He now rests in the paradise of our Heavenly Father. Waiting for a great reunion. I am so grateful that I have the Honor to bear not only his name but my fathers name. It's been a blessing that I will give thanks for into the eternities. 

I heard a story of a man who had a dream. In this dream he went hiking through the woods. Until he saw a man he recognized as his grandfather. When they came close by each other his grandfather asked him, "I want to know what you have done to dishonor my name." The man replied after seeing the works of his life " I have not done anything that would disgrace your name."  The two men embraced and rejoiced. My father and I now carry the name of our Unsung Hero. Herald Grant Heaton. I will do my very best to honor that name in word and thought and deed. And I pray that we may all honor our father and mother by our good works. I love you all and know that our Father in heaven has a great plan for us. May we all honor and cherish the time we have with our father and mother. For it is only a short time while here. May we all remember our own Unsung Hero.

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

*If you are interested in seeing a link to the newspaper article announcing the calling of President Herald Grant Heaton in 1955 in the Deseret News, click HERE.

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