Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 61... Small and Simple.

Well this week has been a bit disappointing. We have really been focusing on our investigators we gave a bunch of them baptismal dates and commited them to come to church. Well come Sunday, no one came. I was a bit disappointed and frustrated. Especially cause Elder and I have been just trying so hard to get these people to progress a bit more. And really focusing on finding the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and why baptism is so essential to them. But then on Sunday to not see them coming closer. This morning and last night I read about Elder Jeffrey R Holland's quote in Preach My Gospel. It talks about how this is the most important path an investigator will ever walk down, and if we don't help them realize it, they may never know. We need to be devastated; for "eternity hangs in the balance". 

Sometimes I wish people would see that what we are teaching really is the fullness of the gospel but because of pride or whatever other reason or excuse they wont. I love these people and only want to help them. sometimes you ask yourself "how do you help someone that doesn't think they need help?" It's way hard. But ''I know that faith is the first key to seeing how to do it. Faith first, then it takes work and work and then some more work. This work is done by small and simple means. Meaning the two of us will see more success as we continue to do all the small specifics that Preach My Gospel suggests. As we continue in faith, enduring problems and weaknesses, humbling ourselves and getting better. Repenting of weaknesses and being more and more worth. Exactly obedient. Specific careful planning. That is where success is found. 

Not only in the missionary work but in life as well. A salesman has to plan his route and how he will present something. knowing that his product will help the buyer. Small and simple means. That is what President Uchdorf spoke of in this last conference. Back to basics focusing on the essential things when times get rough. Right now I know Elder and I need to go back. Take a step or 2 backwards and then from there, moving forward, watching with an eye of faith. Knowing that we will be successful. I love this work and pray that we will all continue to have success. Take care and remember small and simple means bring forth great and amazing wonders. Much love to you all! 

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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