Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 51... An attitude of success.

This week has been absolutely amazing. We had exchanges this week. I went with Elder Newman's companion, and him with mine. My area was struggling a little bit. But the thing I realized, it wasn't the area. Elder Newman came to my area and taught 13 lessons in one day. 16 new investigators. When we had been averaging about 15 lessons a week before. Well he came home and my companion Elder Ausen explained what they did. I learned a lot. I learned first, a bit about humility. I then learned a lot about attitude. Something I think Heavenly Father has been trying to teach me for a long time now. 

This week has really brought me to a new level of understanding. I realized that the area doesn't matter, the kind of people, all of the excuses we seem to find in not having success, at least the ones I was making, were made up in my own mind. I would think the people here are hard headed/ hearted. They won't listen to us. Excuse after excuse I made more and more to justify my lacking. But when Elder Newman did what he did, I read a lot in preach my gospel chapter one. And the biggest thing I learned is that "the field is white all ready to harvest" The people are there. The elect are out and ready to listen. 

This week we taught over 40 lessons with 35 new investigators. All this time the only thing that was keeping us from having success was my attitude and faith. I know now that where ever I go I must remember that the Lord suffered it to be, so that {we} can fulfill his purposes. I'm way stoked to see what will happen this next transfer. Although I am leaving, the things we learned this week will be carried by my companion. 

By the way I will be transferring on friday. So that will be interesting but I know that the things I learned this week will be effectual on my whole mission. Not only the mission but throughout life. Any shooters that are reading this will understand a bit. "it is what it is, it becomes what you make it" may we all have the attitude of success in all that we do. Whether it be for winning nationals or bringing salvation to a human soul! I love you all!!  

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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