Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 48... Seriously... Time Flies!

Well the times are going faster than ever. My new companion is just realizing or getting just a small taste of how fast time goes when I explained to him that this upcoming friday is half way thru the transfer haha. 

The work is going well I am really learning to make and achieve goals. Goals are way important. It helps give us direction in life. In the things we are doing. I wonder if that's why some of us don't progress to our full potential. We find excuses instead of ways. I once told my companion. A good missionary finds ways not excuses. So effective goals and planning for goals is extremely important. Without them we don't receive revelation for ourselves our work or anything else. Goals are what the Lord has given us to help us find what we want in life. It is in the setting and achieving of goals that we progress to happiness, wealth, health, success, and even Godly perfection. 

I have strong testimony that goals help us to move along with life and not get stuck into a plateau. God's plan is a plan of progressing. Being better than you were yesterday. I know that's true. One way we have been doing this is through commitments to our investigators. We are bringing this message of truth. We have this blessing but we need to make goals for them to help them progress. We do this thru going to church, prayer, and reading the Book of Mormon. Those three things are the key to helping these people come unto Christ. If we can effectively set and achieve goals for ourselves and our work we can do or achieve anything. 

The work here is great. We have one family that was one of my former investigators from when I first got here. Well we have started teaching him and now he is coming to church and has stopped completely smoking and everything. It was amazing!! I didn't think he was gonna do it til next week. But when we went there last night he said he has stopped. It's amazing!! I was shocked and so happy. We did these things through the Book of Mormon prayer and church. It's great. I love this work. This is the work of the Lord I know that I am doing the right things. It's amazing. Thank you everyone again for your love and support and prayers for my mom!! Love you all!!  

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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