Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 36...The Big 2-0...

This week was good. We had an awesome birthday probably my 2nd favorite after last year's of course. We got to kill and skin some frogs and had frog let adobo for lunch. Namit gid! {So Good!} Then we went out and did some work, came home a little early cause I cook some freakin namit steaks!! Although we weren't quite sure it was steak. It had the flavor of some other meat and the bone wasnt quite a t bone more like a u bone maybe?? Filipino steak baby. It was way good sent some pics. Then Elder Headman cooked up some ice cream and peach cobbler. I even got to blow out a candle. It was an awesome birthday. The sad part is, I only have one more in the Philippines. So yeah. 

This week was great. Had some good things happen with the branch, they are really striving to make the branch become a ward because, in February, they will finish the Mantaangan ward house. So lots of work to do. The branch itself has like 300 members but we only had 42 at church yesterday. But the branch presidency is really focusiing on re-activation. It's a hard thing. Some of the members are so lost, and as soon as we come to bring them back they run away or just hide. It's really hard to see the effects of satan on the people here. His influence is real. I see it everyday. 

As latter day saints we need to be in tune with the spirit that was given to us. As we do that we become closer to our Father in Heaven and further from the son of the morning. We also were gonna have 3 baptisms on Saturday, but the temptations came and they all drank coffee. So they won't be baptized til September. It's a hard thing to see. All we can do is our best to help these people come unto Christ. But in the end they still have their freedom. This week was great, and there are many more to come. I just want to continue in this wonderful cause and continue to be the best I possibly can be. I know that's what the Lord expects of me and all of his servants. And its also what I expect of myself. I love you all and hope you are doing well keep the faith and continue to come closer to our Father in Heaven. He loves you and wants you to return to him. Remember that always. I love you all!!!! 

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

***More Photos!***

Elder Stokes and Elder Heaton in a sugarcane field.

Harvesting rice!

Tough Elders.

Giddy Up?

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