Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 26... 6 months!

... crazy how the time flies! Before you know it you've been outta high school for a year. You have been a missionary for 6 months and you only have 18 months to make the best two years! I realize more and more how much there is to do and so little time to do it. I realize that, especially after this transfer, that the time really does go by so fast. I've been here in Binalbagan for 3 months now. So crazy. There's always somthing going on. We are always doing something, but thats still just the minimal. There is still so much more we can do, and especially for me, because I want to be the best! It's just like shooting when I don't match up to par I know it and I recognize it, but now the only difference is I realize that I'm not here for myself I'm here for the salvation of human souls. 

I was talking earlier with an elder from Arizona, he's way into hunting. He knows all his calibers reloads his own rounds the works. We got to talking about shooting and I realized that I missed out on so much of the fun of shooting because I was so worried about those couple targets I shoulda hit. Or was so worried about my score, where I was on the scoreboard etc etc. I realized that I was there to have fun. Yeah of course there's the competion but you can't lose sight of why we are there. So I'm really trying to remember that. I get kinda upset with myself somtimes when the teaching doesn't go the way I want it to, but I usually always remember the Lord will make up for my weaknesses as long as I'm doing all I can. 

We watched the Cebu Temple dedication yesterday. Watching and listening to President Monson was amazing. He truly taught me some good lessons for the work here. He said "those whom the Lord calls, they are entitled to the Lords help" and that also the Lord has his own timetable if we do what he expects. Meaning, as long as I am working hard, striving to improve daily. I will be blessed in the Lords time when he needs me. Joseph Smith said the Lord provides for those who provide for themselves. How true that is. After we've done all we can the Lord takes care of the rest. I realize that now more than ever. 

I'll admit, its been a pretty tough last 2-3 weeks because I'm still not quite where I want to be and I want to be the best now haha. But slowly, but surely I'm improving. If we do what the Lord expects us to do, he will open the way for us. How that applies to everything in life is just crazy! Test the Lord, see if he will bless us. Show our faith, and see what happens. I've seen it in my language. As hard as it has been to understand I'm finally understanding people. Not all the time, but I'll get there...

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