Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 21...I'll go where you want me to go!

Hey everyone!

Just hangin out here in the Pines you know! haha. But today was great! I got to call home and see how everyone was doing! That was way sweet to see everyone! I even got to see my dogs!! Got to leave a little message for grandpa and grandpa and grandma! So sweet to hear everyones voices and see changes in people! Mostly just Cam and dad really. 

But yeah this is the last week of the transfer and tomorrow we find out if we are transferring but i think we are both gonna stay another transfer and then I'll leave after next transfer. Either that or Elder Stokes will transfer and I will stay. Either way we will find out tomorrow. Every transfer about this time I just tell president "I'll go where you want me to go" and I speak the truth, I'm here to work, not to worry about where I go or whatever. My purpose is what I've come to fulfill and I intend on doing it. 

We had 11 investigators at church this week which is like way sweet. We're ready to give 3 or 4 dates for baptism. But yesterdays teachings made up for the slow week, we only had like 11 teachings I think. But we have lots of progressing investigators which is great. There's one guy, Bro De Los Reyas, he used to smoke 80 cigarettes a day now he has cut down to 10. He's progressed so much! It's awesome to see. He has a date, his whole family are members but he's not so I think that will be good for his kids and everyone. We also taught Bbol again and everytime we teach him it's just so awesome he just said I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and that your message is true. He's awesome! Those are the kinds of people I've come to find and give them this message! I love this work and I love you all! Well, chat next week! 

-Elder Heaton

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