Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transfers and Talents...

Kumusta po kamo!

Tanan diri, maayo man! Palanga ko diri sa pilipinas! (Everything here way good! I love the Philippines) Yeah we've been here now for 6 weeks and it seems like 6 hours. I found out today I'm transferring somewhere south of Bacolod so we will see where not really sure yet. I'm getting a new comp which I'm sad about I love my comp now! E. Eslava and I work great it's way cool. And our apartment is way nice with 2 other people.  Elder Runia, he is from draper, him and I were workout buddies and he's going over to Panay so thats crazy. I didn't really want this transfer to end but like all other things there must be an end. At least until the celestial kingdom! But yeah this first transfer is great. 

I've come along great with ilongo and the culture. I just need to work on my understanding of the language and what people are saying to me because I can pretty much say everything I need to say I just don't know how to respond cause I don't know what they said to me haha. So that's my goal for next transfer is do my best to understand. Hopefully later on I'll be able to learn tagalog as well. I've realized that the Lord has blessed me with a good understanding and learning of languages. 

I read a book called Beyond the Veil.  Check it out it's so sweet it's about people going beyond the veil into the spirit world and being sent back because they've died but needed to come back for more work here! But in one of the stories it talks about the man who heard people judging him about not only his works but the talents and gift and experience on the earth he gained. So what I learned from that is we need to do our best to add upon our talents like in the parable of the 10 virgins. The Lord gives us talents and gifts to use and grow upon them and that's what we need to do! 

I love this work and I love being here such a blessing in my life! I wouldn't trade it for all the universe! I love you all very much and I'll chat next week!

-Elder Heaton

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