Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 88...Good Samaritan.

This week was great! We will be focusing on finding this upcoming week. We didn't perform our best this [last] week, but we will push ourselves this week that's for sure. It's all about seeing weaknesses and strengthening them before them become problems in the future. It's better to prevent a problem from happening than to try to fix the problem after it has come. 

So this last week just last night actually, we had a great experience, one that will probably be one I'll always remember. Not that I'll forget everything else, but this one was cool. We had just come from an appointment that fell through so we went on to the next family. Well, on our way there, we saw a guy on the side of the road. He was leaning on his side and rocking back and forth. His bike look liked he fell. I approached him and asked, "Are you ok? Did you fall?" just trying to get an answer. Well, he was drunk out of his mind. Which was a bit funny, but I really felt bad for the man. He gave away his agency and his coordination skills as well haha. But we tried to get him to move and he just said no I'm fine, "ok lang ako" repeating himself. He grabbed my hand and said "amigohay ta?" or, Are we friends? I said, "Yeah we are friends!" We picked him up and put him off to the side and leaned him against a wall so that he wasn't so close to the road. 

When we passed by later on that night his bike had been stolen, so we went and reported it to the Barangay hall [city hall] As we went home that night I felt way good. It brought to mind the words "The worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God" I really learned a lot this night. Although he may never remember the night the "mormons" helped him. I know that Heavenly Father and his angels were rejoicing. We became instruments in the Lord's hands to "watch over" and keep an eye out on His children. 

We may not always have ministering angels but he has his children here on earth. I pray that we will all be sensitive to the spirit in seeking ways to serve others and help those in need. In any way at all. We didn't do much to be honest. All we did was make a report and move a man out of a somewhat dangerous place. But that small act will be remembered always. That small 2 minutes that we take out of our life will have an eternal impact. And bring blessings we cannot withhold. I know that Jesus Christ has given his life for us. He didn't just sacrifice a few minutes or hours. But his life and mission was for us to receive "immortality and eternal life" I love you all and hope we can all be like the good Samaritan of old.

-Elder Heaton

Philippines Bacolod Mission

***Some New Pictures!***

 For the shooting buddies!

On the right is Brother Torres... He is the same man in the photos above with the long hair and red t-shirt! Transformed!

 Filipino Bowling...

 Filipino Pizza...

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