Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 83... Balance.

This week I want to talk about somthing very simple that we all need in our lives it's called balance. We all have so much going on, but where do we draw the line? The Lord said,  "It is not requisite for a man to run faster than he can run."  Too oft we run faster than we can. We often get too caught up in all that we are doing and we forget that we have other responsibilities. One example is my dad this week went to a shoot and was able shoot well, I heard. Well, he coulda done better, but he let 5 of the easiest targets on the course go past him. We take for granted what we have. Often this happens to missionaries, they forget why they came on the mission, they forget that they had desires to serve God. We sometimes walk by someone that we should have talked to. Sometimes we forget to have family prayer because we are so tired at the end of the day. Sometimes we forget to read our scriptures because we have homework. Whatever small simple things there are, we are forgetting. Remember them and keep them in mind. 

But also remember this is about balance. We can't let ourselves get overwhelmed with small simple things. If we put too many small items on a plate, there's no room. It needs balance. Don't let yourself fall in to unbalance. We should always put first our families, then our work, then our church callings. These are all things that need and require our attention. I hope that we can find balance in our lives and find how to manage time wisely so that we are successful. One way to balance time is to plan. Planning is a thing we do daily, and it keeps us busy, yet getting everything we need done within the given time. I love you all and hope we can all apply this in our lives. 

-Elder Heaton 

Philippines Bacolod Mission

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