Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 5... Leadership and Language.

Hey Fam! 
     How is everything up in the S L C?? Well everything in PROVO is great except the provo part. JOKELANG! This week has been pretty good I really feel like I have made some good strides in the Language! Its all about the hard work and every little thing we do to practice helps a lot! I am getting so excited to get down there to the Philippines its sounds like such an amazing place! I already love the people and I dont even know them. 
     So on sunday, yesterday, one of the branch Presidency called me into a meeting. And now I am the new District Leader! Crazy huh! Im excited he told me that I have a lot of good leadership qualities and will do an excellent job! I'll do my best. 
     On Friday we quit speaking english as best we can if we cant say what we want to say then we have to ask to speak english. So yeah its hard sometimes but I do my best. Sometimes I just have to be really quiet cause I don't know what to say. But thats part of recieving the gift of tongues, we must suffer and strive to learn the language in order to be worthy of such a spiritual gift. I can understand and make sense of what is said usually but trying to reply is the hard part. I have been getting up at 6 for an extra 20 minutes of study so ive been pretty tired lately, but it will be worth it for sure. 
     The older zone (9 weekers) got their flight plans this week and they will be leaving here next week! Then its my turn! It will be here before I know it. Dad said I need to enjoy it and i will for sure, Dad remember this: "it is what it is, it becomes what you make it." Well that really has helped me out a lot. No matter how hard something is as long as I have a good attitude it will be ok. 
     The days and weeks are just zooming by. This week we are teaching the first lesson in Tagalog. Im nervous, I have a lot of work to do this week. I'll do my best. I love Tagalog its such a cool language. I cant wait to be fluent! Oh yeah Im now the senior companion also haha so ive pretty much got all the responsibility. And I really have to lead by example now, no biggie just obedience and diligence haha. But anyways time is short so I gotta run. But I love you all very much! Keep the DearElders coming!

-Elder Heaton

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